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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FSCharter?

FSCharter is a new online platform that allows you to build your own virtual career in aviation. Purchase a Cessna 208 and fly tourists around the Maldives, hire a Challenger and fly wealthy businesspeople to and from meetings in Shanghai, or work your way up to owning and managing a fleet of A320s, complete with FBO and servicing facilities at an airport of your choice. With FSCharter, you decide.

When will FSCharter be released?

FSCharter is currently in the early stages of development. To keep up to date with the latest news, enter your email in the box above.

How much does it cost?

The majority of FSCharter is free. We offer a Premium tier for a monthly fee, which enables access to great features such as owning multiple aircraft, custom tail numbers, and the ability to start up a company and have real-world pilots fly for you.

Which flight simulators are supported?

At release, FSCharter will be fully compaible with Xplane. Support for FSX and P3D will be rolled out at a later date.